Every Adventist a Disciple, Making Disciples For Jesus.

It Starts With Me!

复临信徒皆门徒, 勤为耶稣添门徒。


handsMake  助长

The  Process  of making is the start of the discipleship pathway to becoming a baptized members. Milestones include bible study, joining church events, worship, and small groups, and the start of a personal relationship with God.

outreachMature  成长

Maturation is guiding a newly-baptized member to become a disciple in the kingdom of God. thus involves participating in a two-year discipleship group, which systematically and personally grows each disciple through six terms of 10 weeks.

fellowshipiconMultiply  增长

A  multiplying disciple is the never-ending result of a mature disciple. The Disciple embodies god’s command to “go, and make disciples of all nations.” the multiplying disciple continues making, maturing, and multiplying disciples till Jesus returns.