Becoming an Equipped, Evangelising and Nurturing Church 


handsEQUIP  装备

Raise Christ-centred disciples – loving, steadfast in faith and well-founded in the Scriptures.
抚养以基督为中心的门徒 – 有爱心,坚定的信念和对圣经是有理有据的。

outreachEVANGELISE 传福音

Spread God’s Word with an unfading passion – sharing the truth and God’s love for humanity to those we come into contact with, in this cosmopolitan city we live in.永不退热的传福音 – 在我们这个国际化的城市里,跟那些我们接触的人共享真理和神对人的爱

fellowshipiconNURTURE 培育

TEACH & educate with love. Jesus said the world will know we are His disciples by the way we love one another. Our love for Jesus is expressed through our love and care for one another, mentally, physically, and most importantly spiritually.     耶稣说,通过我们彼此相爱的方式全世界都知道我们是祂的门徒。我们对耶稣的爱是通过我们的爱心,互相的照顾,精神,身心,最重要的是灵性方面来表达。不仅仅是周六上午,我们力争成为一个基督里的大家庭,一同分忧也一同庆祝我们的成功。