TCC celebrates its 60th anniversary!



7th-8th January 2017 年 1月7-8日

As we celebrate our 60th Anniversary, Thomson Chinese Church would like to invite all brothers and sisters in Singapore and overseas to attend our sabbath thanksgiving worship! And on the 8th of January 2017, Sunday, we will also be having a “TCC60” Special thanksgiving lunch reception at Singapore Expo. To RSVP, please email to Thank you 
重生堂将庆祝60周年庆。在此诚挚地欢迎海内外的弟兄姐妹出席此安息日特别感恩聚会!1月8日星期日,本堂也将于新加坡博览中心举办60周年感恩午宴。欲参与午宴者,请电邮至 订位。谢谢。